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“The way to do is to be.”

“People should not consider so much
What they are to do , as what they are.”
(Meister Eckhart)



Our core self is our essence, our still silent center of consciousness in the ocean of oneness. Referred to as true nature, original nature, or inner luminosity, this deeper reality of the self is experienced as a simple awake presence or pure being which manifests explicitly as love, kindness, peace, joy, truth, wisdom, and freedom…

When rooted in our core self, we feel at home in the world and in ourselves; our lives become effortless and authentic, clear expressions of who and what we truly are, unfolding in the realm of synchronicity rather than causality; we live openly, correctly, and fully, we love well and deeply, and we have a sense of connection, contentment, and joy, of sacred meaning and value.

The purpose of Core Self is to encourage individuals to discover, reclaim, deepen, and integrate their experience of their core self through the practice of Reiki Ryoho.

Our logo, created by artist Yosei Kansaku of Japan, reflects this aim. It represents Jizo, a bodhisattva who goes fearlessly wherever his help is needed by those on the path to enlightenment. His qualities are benevolence, determination, and unflagging optimism. His message might translate from Japanese as: “Put your mind at ease and trust yourself; your presence itself is light and love.”


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